To Juice or To Blend, It all Makes a Difference in the end!

When I first started the ‘juicing thing’, I began in ignorance. I just assumed that juicing all those fruits and vegetables could be nothing but good for me. Surely the more I shoved down that juicer, the better, right? They sure tasted delicious and I felt great. Little did I realise that by juicing instead of blending, I was throwing in the compost a lot of the nutrients and fibre the most important bits!

A lot of people may not realise the differences between juicing and blending and prefer the juice as it doesn’t contain those pesky little bits and pulpy texture but those bits are vital to the nutritional side of the drink. For example when we juice, we remove all the fibre from the drink.



Not filling but will be as calorific as the blended

Sugar in the juice enters the bloodstream rapidly which is especiallynot good for diabetics

Micronutrients are removed as they are bound to the fibre

Juicing could be classed as a supplement, not a meal

When juicing, reduce sugar amounts by makingsure you have more vegetables than fruits

Harder to clean a juicer actually puts you off juicing!

Limit to one a day


If trying to lose weight, blending will be more filling and satisfying

Fibre in the juice slows down the sugar entering the bloodstream

Blending increases our likelihood of absorbing these nutrients and micronutrients, even over chewing the food in its original state

In a blended smoothie, we absorb carotenoids. Things like nuts and seedshelp to absorb the carotenoid further withtheir fats

Blending could be classed as a meal

Cleaning a blender is so much easier

Limit to one a day

I guess it’s time to park the juicers to one side, retire them to the back of the cupboard and bring out the not so new kid on the block, the blender, or even better, the sparkly new Nutri-bullet.