Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy usually takes place within ten days of conception, but it does take time for a woman to find out if she is pregnant or not. There are many early signs of pregnancy varying from missing your period to frequent nausea.

Look out for these ten early signs of pregnancy that are common to most women:

1. Missed Period

The first and most clear sign of pregnancy for those women who never miss their period is when they actually miss it. A delay in the menstrual cycle is a clear sign that you might be headed towards motherhood. While the embryo is trying to implant itself into the uterus, spotting takes place after five to ten days. This need not be confused with periods. This happens during the time a woman misses her period. So lighter periods and spotting does not rule out a pregnancy.

2. Physical Signs

Fullness, tenderness, enlargement and soreness of breasts before the menstrual cycle, and then skipping it and feeling the same sensation for a prolonged time may point towards a pregnancy. Breast veins also become blue. Tingling, prickling sensations around the nipples and also darkening of the skin around the nipples for more than a few days are clear signs of pregnancy.

3. Sensitivity to Smell and Taste

Women who are headed into pregnancy develop sensitivity towards smell and aroma from foods and cooking, perfumes etc. Taste may also become different. What tasted amazing for you before might start tasting sour or bland.

4. Urine and Discharge

Feeling the need to urinate more than usual, or discharging more without any vaginal swelling, are among the early signs of pregnancy.5. Fatigue and Tiredness This is another early sign of pregnancy. Hormonal changes during the first few weeks causes a woman to experience extreme fatigue, tiredness, and even mood changes. This is due to the extreme changes in the production of progesterone.

6. Nausea

Morning sickness is one of the signs of pregnancy. It may also happen at any time of the day. Some women vomit without feeling nauseous while other feel nauseous as well. Severe form of morning sickness is called hyperemesis gravidarum and requires treatment.

7. Food Cravings and Aversions

Women experience a craving for certain foods and at the same time may lose interest in other foods. The body demands an extra calorie intake; this is just normal and is due to hormonal changes the body is going through.

8. Constipation

This is very common during pregnancy. It is uncomfortable but harmless. It happens due to increased production of the hormone progesterone which causes gastrointestinal changes and is a discomfort for most of women who go through it.

9. Breathlessness

Some pregnant women experience shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, especially while lying down. This happens due to the divided oxygen supply between the mother and the embryo.

10. Other Signs

Some other varying signs of pregnancy include:change of color of nipples and vagina. headaches, fainting, dizziness and sudden mood changes. having vivid dreams is also one interesting sign of pregnancy abdominal bloating, heartburn, leg cramps and backaches

These are just a few of the early signs of pregnancy. Many women go through most of them but not all of them experience the same signs. A take home pregnancy test is one way to confirm a pregnancy. You should make an appointment with your gynecologist if you have experienced these signs for more than a weeks’ time.