Recurrent Miscarriages

Natural Fertility Treatment

Women with infertility problems can be classed into 2 categories. One has difficulty getting pregnant and the other suffer from recurrent miscarriages. The reasons for infertility vary.

If you are after a comprehensive guide on natural fertility treatments to stop recurrent miscarriages, here’s one that you must read.

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There are actually female infertility treatment and natural fertility treatments that helps prevent recurrent miscarriages not just by improving stickiness of the pregnancy, but actually strengthening the development of the foetus.

Some miscarriages happen because of random genetic problem. However when 2 or more miscarriages happen in a row, it warrants further checks to determine the causes for these recurrent miscarriages. Miscarriages are still an area with much unsolved mystery, but female infertility treatment and natural fertility treatments exist that can address some of the causes of recurrent miscarriages.

Problems with the Uterus

Abnormality in the shape of the uterus affects the growth of the foetus and can result in the early termination of the pregnancy. If the problem is minor, it can be remedied through surgery. Thereafter, natural fertility treatments of herbs and acupuncture serve well in nourishing the uterus in preparation for conception.

Incompetent Cervix

Like above, the female infertility treatment for women with incompetent cervix, involves a surgical procedure – cerclage to stitch around the cervix. This keeps it from dilating prematurely and causing recurrent miscarriages.

Hormonal Causes

Recurrent miscarriages due to hormonal causes are typically the trickiest as it can be difficult to pinpoint reasons for infertility to a deficiency in a particular hormone. Presently, there are also insufficient controlled studies on the effectiveness of some hormone prescription in reducing the rate of recurrent miscarriages.

Typically, natural fertility treatments works well in balancing hormones and alleviate recurrent miscarriages that are cause by hormonal imbalance.

Luteal Phase Defect

Some women do not produce enough progesterone during the post ovulation phase of their menstrual cycle. As progesterone is responsible for preparing the lining of the uterus for implantation and creating nutrient rich environment for the developing baby, lack of progesterone will result in weak implantation and often a miscarriage. Progesterone supplement is prescribed in this female infertility treatment; however its effectiveness is controversial.

Natural fertility treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, however had proven success of regulating a woman’s cycle and correcting this defect.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is linked to infertility as well as recurrent miscarriages. As the cause is unknown, doctors still do not have a clearly defined female infertility treatment for this condition. There had been evidence of a link between insulin resistance and PCOS but it still requires more research. Natural fertility treatments such as acupuncture have been found to help manage the condition and many women with PCOS had conceived successfully through the use of natural fertility treatments.


Another identified hormonal defect that causes recurrent miscarriages is Type 1 diabetes. In such situation, preconception preparation to manage blood sugars is critical in aiding a strong pregnancy and a desirable outcome.

Natural fertility treatments which emphasize on preparing the body for conception have been very popular and successful in these cases. The holistic concept of natural infertility treatments and its foundation in nourishing the reproductive system before trying to conceive explains why it is such a successful female infertility treatment.


Our bodies require antibodies to fight off infections. In autoimmune disorders, the antibodies see the pregnancy hormones as a foreign body or infection and work to destroy it. Blood tests are able to pick up some of these disorders and the female infertility treatment for this may include low does of aspirin or heparin.

Male Factor

Poor sperm quality or sperm defect can result in early termination of the pregnancy. In such situation, natural infertility treatments such as traditional chinese medicine had proven successes of improving the stickiness of the pregnancy