Garlic – A Natural Acne Remedy

Even though many people shy aware from garlic due to its pungent odour which many dislike, it is a highly effective natural acne remedy that can be used in a couple of ways – you dont have to eat it if you dont want to!

Applying Garlic Directly To The Skin

The reason that garlic can be such a good natural acne remedy is that it contains active sulphur and it is considered to be a natural antibiotic. The simplest application is to simply cut open a garlic clove and rub it over the affected area – much like you would rub it over a piece of toast!

However, a more effective way of using fresh garlic is to crush it and mix it with water to make a kind of paste and then rub that gently onto the affected areas. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off.

Dont leave raw garlic on the skin (especially on the face) for too long as the active sulphur in the garlic is so strong that it can actually burn the skin with prolonged contact. Note that if you have left over garlic mixture it can be safety kept in a refrigerator for a few days.

Eating Raw Garlic

Consumption of raw garlic is also a great natural acne remedy but its rather more difficult to stomach for some people! Eating 2-3 raw garlic gloves daily for a period of around 3 months will help to purify the bloodstream. This purification helps to improve the oxygen supply to the skin cells which helps to combat the acne.

Of course garlic has an incredibly strong odour so this is not the most social natural acne remedy that you can try so here are a couple of tips for you, especially if you are going to be eating it:

If you slice open a garlic clove along the long side, you’ll find a small green piece of flesh in the middle which lifts out easily – remove this as it is this part that contains most of the odour! Secondly, you can soak the garlic cloves in milk for around half an hour before consumption. For best results, do both!