“Hi, thanks for visiting! I’m Dr. Suneel Dhand and the founder of DocSpeak. A little about me and my background! I was born in London and grew up in Berkshire, England. I went to medical school at Cardiff University and then moved across the pond, completing my internal medicine residency in Baltimore. I’ve since worked up and down the east coast, and when I’m not on the road, spend most of my time between Cape Cod and New York City.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and a few years ago began writing about healthcare topics that I felt passionately about. My blog articles soon became widely published online, both nationally and internationally. Most of them came back to the central theme of delivering high quality service in healthcare and communicating better with patients. This interest led me to founding DocSpeak, which rapidly expanded to helping people in a number of different fields—always with the same core mission.

I am passionate about improving communication and have always been drawn towards creative endeavors. I’ve extensively studied what the best communicators and organizations do, and now bring these insights to my audiences. I enjoy working with a wide variety of people and organizations, helping them achieve success.

I still practice clinical medicine (love that!) and am also the Co-Founder of DocsDox, a service that helps doctors find great moonlighting and per diem opportunities. I’ve published 3 wellness-themed books, and you can read more about my academic credentials here.

Away from work (…that’s the fun part really), I’m an avid world traveler, fitness and sports enthusiast. My latest main hobby is Lindy Hop Swing Dancing 🙂 I also need to keep going back to my home city of London as often as possible!