Why you should always “dress to kill”

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Why you should always “dress to kill”

What you wear says more about you than you could possibly imagine. Without sounding judgmental, because there are some people who are just not that into fashion—do not underestimate the power that the way you dress has, and the message it conveys to all those around you. That’s why every career success expert always advises you to dress for success. Here are the ways in which what you wear can communicate who you are:

1.You are someone who takes pride in yourself

By far the biggest thing that a sharp dresser conveys to the world is that they are somebody that values themselves and their appearance. They want to look as good as they possibly can, and care about other peoples’ perceptions of them. Rarely will they walk out in public looking as if they’ve just rolled out of bed. They take great satisfaction and happiness in looking great.

2.You are someone that is going places

You have high ambitions for yourself and dress like a movie star. You know where you want to go, and dress like that person you want to be. Whether it’s the famous entrepreneur, the CEO or the real-life screen star—you are already looking like that person when you are on show to the world!

3.You are immaculate and organized in your personal life as well

This hinges on a theory in psychology known as “thin slicing”, which uses the shortest of time periods to gain profound insights into someone’s character and emotions. Somebody who presents an external appearance of being put-together and well groomed, is very likely to be that way in other aspects of their life too.

None of the above means that you have to go all out and splurge on your wardrobe. It is possible nowadays to dress to the nines without bursting the bank. But it’s well worth doing, because fewer things could be more important for an ambitious person than how they are presenting themselves to everyone they encounter. And even if that’s not your main concern (although you should always care), there’s another more selfish reason to always dress well anyway. That’s the eternal truth behind the old saying: look good feel good!


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