Learn from the very best hotels what awesome customer service looks like

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Learn from the very best hotels what awesome customer service looks like

Anybody who has been fortunate enough to stay at a luxurious hotel, knows what a pleasure it is and how the experience leaves an indelible impression on you. A top class hotel knows how to treat their guests like royalty and make them feel special. But do you really have to be a 5-star hotel (or any other 5-star institution) to give such a superior level of service? The reality is that you don’t. Any organization can learn from the very best and take themselves to the next customer service level—in their own little way. Let’s remind ourselves of some things the best hotels do:

  • Make a good impression right from the doorway. There will be someone standing to greet you before you walk in, next to the typically spectacular and immaculate entrance
  • A lot of thought has gone into the ambience of the hotel as you walk in. There will be a nice scent and typically some relaxing soothing background music
  • The check-in experience will be seamless. The agent will be polite, helpful and make you feel exceedingly welcome
  • The hotel will want to go above and beyond right from the beginning. The agent wants to be sure they’ve answered all your questions, directed you to your room (frequently walking out from behind the desk), and even giving you a treat like a cookie or a bottle of water
  • Help will be available if you need assistance with your bags up to the room. The hotel bellman will be jovial and want to assist you in other ways too, telling you some things about the area and showing you features in the room
  • As you walk into the room, it will be made up immaculately. There are likely nice personal touches to make you feel welcome, like a personalized message on the television or a chocolate on the bed
  • The room service staff will be trained to greet you in the corridor and your room may even be serviced more than once a day. All your needs will be catered to!
  • There will be thought put into everything—the design and layout, the elevator experience, and even the scent throughout the whole hotel
  • You will have a quick and seamless check-out process and the staff will ask you if you need help with a ride

Obviously, not every hotel or organization has the resources to do the above. But you can do many smaller inexpensive things to give your customers a more memorable experience. This is applicable to any industry or service. Treat the customer well right from the beginning, make sure they are taken care of, and above all else—always make them feel welcome and help them in any way possible. Be personable, polite and friendly. These are things all institutions can do. You don’t have to be officially 5-star rated to give 5-star service.


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